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GTS : Security-linked advantages

Security-linked advantages

From the moment it is disembarked from the ship, the container is not handled by man; it can, without any additional handling, be transferred to GTS security portals. These portals, equipped with scanner, infrared, anti-explosive devices… will analyse the content of containers (detection of dangerous materials, illegal immigrants,...) and will transfer any suspect container to a secure area where it will be checked. Other containers will be re-directed to storage areas (within or outside the harbour).

The security of the GTS system is close to the “zero-accident” level. Indeed, the system does not generate intersections with existing networks (roads, railways, waterways,…). Thanks to the use of a particular rail and points system, derailment is impossible. Containers travel above the ground level, without driver, at a speed of 11 meter/second. Moreover, it is possible to have security vehicles patrol on an upper line, above the containers.

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