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GTS : Technical advantages

Capacity of a line

More than 1,500 40-foot containers per hour, or 2,000 20-foot containers per hour.

Secure transfer from the ship to storage areas

Containers travel above the ground level, without driver, at a speed of 11 meters/second, and it is possible to have security vehicles patrol on an upper line, above the containers.

Transport of all types of goods

Possibility to transport containers of all sizes, tanks, palletized goods, raw materials, end products,...

Operation not influenced by weather conditions

All the mechanical parts of the system (wheels, brakes, speed regulation system) are protected from bad weather and the operation remains constant in case of snow, rain, fog, frost,…


Constant and uninterrupted speed of 40 km/h (24 mph).

Flexibility of distribution

Can easily be integrated all the way to the centre of industrial areas, factories or any other place where required; with a capacity of 1,500 to 2,000 vehicles per hour, the GTS is “a highway reaching the heart of industrial areas”.

Easy connection to the network

Any factory can easily be linked to the network. Goods can be sent on the network at any time; grouping goods to send them is not necessary anymore since all goods travel separately.

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